UniTrunker settings with multiple systems on same SID

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Sep 23, 2010
I hope I'm posting in the correct forum, mainly having problems with Unitrunker.
Basically, there are two systems I like to track, and they have the same RR SID (in my case 1434)

For reference, it's San Antonio/Bexar County EDACS ProVoice.
There are two systems I like to monitor, BLUE and GOLD.

Basically, my problem is, I can only choose one to download everything from RR, and if I try to switch from one to the other, it will not populate from an RR download. I'm forced to move everything from %APPDATA% into a backup folder and start from scratch, even after changing the CC and park freqs.

Has anyone else had this problem, or am I doing something wrong?
Unitrunker is working fine, I just can't switch from to the other without this annoying bug.

In case the author views this thread, demphasis deselection does not survive an app restart, I have to uncheck it every time, or DSD won't recognize it (which makes sense.)

Other than that, I'm very happy with the software, but I still have a lot to learn.



Feb 24, 2001
Hi aquaregia;

Blue and Gold are two sites on the same system that happen to have overlapping coverage.

When you download SID 1438, you get both sites (plus a few others) and all the talk groups that have been identified and submitted to the RR DB.

San Antonio/Bexar County EDACS ProVoice Trunking System, San Antonio, Texas - Scanner Frequencies

To be clear - these are not two systems but two sites on the same system. Don't try to create separate systems. It won't help. To monitor Blue and Gold at the same time, you'll need two signal recievers - one for each control channel.

The EDACS control provides very little information to distinguish one system from another. For a given area - the control channel frequency should be unique. When the program sees an EDACS control channel for the first time, it creates a limbo site and system. Once the program has the control channel frequency, it will try to match that site to one previously logged. If it can't find a match, the new limbo system stays. This process repeats each time the signal receiver tries to acquire a new EDACS control channel.

When you see a site window appear and the red control channel has the words "Frequency needed!" next to it - the program is asking you to provide that information so it can match the signal to any previously logged site. In some cases, the program can retrieve the control channel frequency from the signal receiver.

If you have a clump of mostly empty EDACS systems, you can clear them out with the Delete "X" tool button. Keep the system you downloaded from the RR DB. That's all you need.

If you accidentally end up with some data in one system and more data in another system - you can combine them by using the Consolidate feature.


Don't forget you have the "Save" and "Take Me Back" buttons on the Archive tab. If you make a mess of things, you can roll back to a previously saved snapshot.
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