Unknown 464.875 DMR, NYC metro area


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Jun 11, 2016
New York State
Was searching the band for another signal last night and stumbled upon something else and im stumped. Im getting a strong DMR signal on 464.875. I poped it in DSD and am getting alot of activity from the following.

Listening to audio, it sounds like something to do with the NYC Cruise Terminal as there was a lot of references to port 90, security and deliverys comming and going. I herd multiple refrences also to “ insignia security”. The Oceana insignia is a ship currently docked there.

TG 1
Slot 1&2

Looking at the RR DB and FCC I didn’t find anything in the area licensed to the NYC cruise terminal, or anything to that effect. But this definitely sounds like an operations channel at the cruise terminal. Or could it be the insignia itself?

Could anyone in the area chime in or possibly tune to the frequency as I am about 25 miles north. But i am picking up a strong audio decode on DSD+ like its in my backyard.
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