Unknown DOD 380+ TRS

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Nov 9, 2002
Prince George, Virginia--Central Va.
There was good long duration ducting this morning from NOVA/Md. into central Va. Tuning the 380-400 mhz. range using an R7000 and tower mounted antennas I logged 11 TRS control channels and these were the very strong ones. I didn't log the weaker ones. I then programed my 996T with these as separate systems. The Ft. Belvoir system was the most active. I was able to log some talkgroups although at the time I did not know what DOD system site I was receiving except I did recognize Ft. Belvoir comms. Subsequently I was able to identify 8 out of the 11 control channel frequencies heard. They were: Dahlgren, Ft. Belvoir, Naval Med. Center DC, Camp Barrett, Quantico, Pax River, Naval Academy and Quirauk? Mtn. Site C. The three DOD trs control channels I have not been able to identify are: 385.3500 mhz., 385.7750 mhz., and 386.1150 mhz. Checking DOD 380-400 mhz. trs info on the Monitoring Times website blog, Maryland, Pennsylania and Virginia RR sites didn't list these DOD trs frequencies or if they did I missed them. I am guessing either a DC or Md DOD trs but I may be wrong.

Anybody have any idea of what DOD trs these control channels are part of?
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