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Unneccessary Patch notes???

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Dec 22, 2001
Marinette County, WI
Is there a reason we need to keep adding notes to the Sheboygan County talk group list every time dispatch puts up a VHF patch?? ANY conventional frequency in the console can be patched too and from ANY talk group or group of talk groups so noting this every time is not necessary and not exclusive to the TG's listed. :roll:

14672 TAC - LAW 1 (occasional patch to 157.15 MHz, marine channel 23A, Coast Guard)
10160 A01 Fire/EMS Dispatch Primary (occasional patch to 157.15 MHz, marine channel 23A, Coast Guard
13488 34b A Secondary - Patch to Flight for Life Air Ambulance
17104 42d A Countywide Events 1 - Patch to Ozaukee Sheriff

waste of space and time people!!!!!

BTW, SFD 10160 is Fire Dispatch, SFD 10167 is EMS Dispatch/With Orange Cross
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