updated clatsop county list

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Oct 7, 2007
Utah County, Utah
I just went through Clatsop County's FCC licenses the other day, and this is what i came up with. Most of the frequencies were already in the database, but I believe some were labeled incorrectly.

As for what's what, I'm not sure. I RARELY travel up that way, so I can't provide tags or IDs for any of these frequencies.

Some frequencies (especially PDs) are the same countywide, and have been labeled as such. If you want specifics, I suggest searching the FCC database specifically by frequency.

Hope this helps! Any additions or corrections are welcome!

72.58	Elsie-Vinemapple RFPD (licence act. 08)	
75.58	Elsie-Vinemapple RFPD (licence act. 08)	
150.995	Medix Ambulance	                                
154.265	Astoria Fire	                                        
154.325	Astoria Fire	                                        
154.385	Cannon Beach / Seaside Fire Dispatch	        
154.43	Elsie-Vinemapple RFPD (licence act. 08)	
155.22	Seaside Fire / Medix Ambulance	                
155.64	Cannon Beach RFPD	                                
155.865	Seaside Fire	                                        
155.895	Medix Ambulance	                                
158.82	Warrenton Fire Dept	                                
158.88	Warrenton Fire Dept	                                
158.955	Warrenton Fire Dept / CCSO	                
453.5	Astoria Fire	                                        
458.5	Astoria Fire	                                        
458.7	Astoria Fire	                                        
153.89	Seaside Police	                                        
154.65	Seaside Police	                                        
154.8	Sheriff  	                                                
154.8825	Cannon Beach PD	                                
155.13	Countywide Police Talk Around	                
155.25	Astoria Police	                                        
155.55	Countywide Police Talk Around	                
155.61	Seaside Police	                                        
155.685	Astoria Police	                                        
155.79	Countywide Police Talk Around	                
155.198	Cannon Beach PD	                                
155.805	Clatsop County Sherriff Statewide SAR	        
158.76	Cannon Beach / Seaside Police	                
158.805	Cannon Beach PD (act 7/16/08)	                
453.6375	Clatsop County Sherriff	                        
460.55	Warrenton / Astoria Police
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