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Updated Shack

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May 30, 2003
West Haven, CT
Not sure how small the picture wound up as I had to reduce it a couple of times because I originally shot the pic at 5 megapixels. Anyways, in the picture are my scanners:

Uniden BCT-7 (soon to be for sale)

Radio Shack Pro-89 (belonged to my late Dad - he used to listen for my unit - now my
sons and mine)

Uniden BC296D

Uniden BCD396T

Uniden BC278CLT (soon to be for sale)

Dell Laptop

1st Responder Wireless Pager (I dispatch CT for them)

Minitor 3 VHF pager

My wife wants me to reduce the amount of scanners so I'll probably be getting rid of a few. I'll be selling the BCT-7 and the BC278CLT. I want to sell those and pick up a BCT-15 or I may even swap the 296 for one. I'm debating.


Not open for further replies.