Updates to Bryan/College Station/Texas A&M

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TX/LA Database Admin
Database Admin
Dec 22, 2004
Boerne, Texas
Just for those of you who may scan any of these systems:

I made some large updates to the Bryan/Brazos system. I was able to identify several new talkgroups and their uses from a knowledgable user of the system. Bryan radios have two banks of NIMS/Incident Command channels, one bank with analog talkgroups, one with digital talkgroups. I would venture to say that these can and will be patched to their corresponding talkgroup with different modulation, such as DIGITAL COMMAND 1 patched to ANALOG COMMAND 1, so as to join any user that may not have digital capability with their equipment. I haven't been able to see a CSPD or CSFD radio to see if they have the analog NIMS talkgroups in their radios.
I do know that the radio IDs are all shared and coordinated among the three systems, and as long as a unit has a talkgroup programmed into its memory, it can pop up on any of the three systems. For example, Bryan PD radios can hop onto CSPD-1 and affiliate with the CS trunk, or UPD-1 and affiliate with the TAMU trunk. You can also see the new "PD BACK" talkgroups on the CS and TAMU trunks. These are in the Bryan PD radios also.

If you have never seen a Bryan PD radio, they are organized like this:
Zone A: Commonly used Bryan FD/PD, Brazos SO talkgroups and BPD DIRECT.
Zone B: Commonly used College Station FD/PD, TAMU PD talkgroups and CSPD DIRECT.
Zone C: Incident type talkgroups among BPD and BCSO.
Zone D: Chit Chat and other back channel type talkgroups.
Zone E: 8TAC90-94 and 8TAC90D-94D, PD BACK talkgroups.
Zone F: Digital Incident Command/NIMS
Zone G: Analog Incident Command/NIMS

Also, I am getting several new talkgroups in the range of 52304 to 52496. They are analog, and the messages are usually very brief. The radio ID's appear to be a mix of county and city public works. I am however leaning toward possible volunteer fire back channels since the 29XXX radio IDs also affiliate with Bryan Fire 1 and County Fire often.
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