Updates to the DB

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Oct 28, 2009
I realize that Im somewhat new, but can we please be careful with what we update to the database? The most recent addition to Gallatin County for example...

Someone added a section for Belgrade that is just inaccurate.

154.3850 is not Belgrade Fire dispatch. In fact, there is no "Belgrade Fire Dept" any more, it's moved into Central Valley Fire, and is dispatched on the Fire North 154.0550.

154.2650 is not Belgrade Fire tac. It is a statewide mutual aid low-power channel, which by the way, is listed not only in the Mutual Aid section directly above, but also in every single county page and a Mutual Aid section under Montana State Agencies.

153.7400 has nothing to do with Belgrade PD, and is not a dispatch channel for anything.

155.5200 is the old Belgrade PD dispatch channel. All Belgrade units are dispatched on the Sheriff North 154.9950. Also, that 155.5200 was only used on day shift because the city of Belgrade only paid a dispatcher M-F 8am til 5pm. Off hours, BPD even then was dispatched by Gallatin County.

I dont know much about some of the others, because I don't listen. But as for these 4, please please can we be absolutely sure these are confirmed, and not just taken off an old file found on yahoo groups?
Not open for further replies.