UPMan - 3-year warranty or not?

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Nov 25, 2007
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I asked this in the headphone campaign thread but it may have been missed by UPMan due to the amount of posts there.

I bought a BCD536HP from a reseller. They said they sent their stock back to Uniden for re-working but I cannot confirm that for certain.

They received their stock back on 2/24/14 which is also the day they were able to ship mine out.

My question - is mine covered with a 3 year warranty? It has no extra stickers indicating such.

It does have a low serial number ending around 0768 or so but it has no warranty sticker on it at all showing that it will be extended.

UPMan (Paul) had made a comment that all 536HP's would be covered with the 3 year warranty as long as the serial number is below 2600. That was part of a thread to a user that did send theirs in though.
I did not send mine is as the reseller says their stock was sent back to Uniden for re-working. Plus, it is very rare that I'd ever use headphones.
Mine does seem to have the described headphone noise even with different headphones.

Being as I did not send mine in under the campaign, is it covered by the 3 year warranty?

Can you answer this Paul?

Knowing that I don't use headphones (very rare that I would) so I've choosen to not send it in.

I just want to confirm mine will be covered by the 3 year warranty as there is no added warranty sticker applied to the unit.
I've seen posts saying their's also had no stickers from both, users that took advantage of the replacement campaign and those that bought new after the resellers received re-worked new stock.
So I'm getting confusing answers as some claim all will be covered by the 3 year warranty regardless if they were sent in and then a few posts later, I find a post that makes it sound as only those sent in under the exchange campaign will get the 3 year extended warranty. Many have even posted pictures showing the 3 year warranty sticker which mine does not have.



Apr 24, 2010
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OK, I'm not UPMan, but one user who didn't want to send his radio in asked specifically if he had to return his radio to get the 3-year warranty. UPMan replied that all units with serial number numbers 2600 and below would be covered by the warranty, regardless of whether you send it in or have a sticker on it (well, he actually said "period", but that's what he meant). I think that's what you're asking. The user's question and UPMan's response are here:


(note that UPMan responded to 2 posters' questions, so the "No" response was to the previous poster's question about Canada. It wasn't in response to the warranty question, which UPMan answered in the second line of his post).
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