(USA) FRN registration prior to new FCC licensing (including amateur of course)


Apr 9, 2018
Just another reminder, people need to sign up with the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) and get their FRN (FCC Registration Number) before going to the testing sessions to take their exams. By signing up at the FCC site, you get a FRN which the FCC will link to your SSN.

This will be the last month where the FCC will automatically register you for an FRN using the SSN that you supply during testing registration. VECs should have been gently reminding you that you should have your FRN before taking the exams, but we may have to start turning people away from testing if you show up without an FRN. I believe it's possible to sign up for a FRN on a smartphone but I haven't tried. I suspect some VEs may bring or have internet capable computers or phones at the testing site to allow people to sign up, but I sure wouldn't use another person's computer to sign up, so best that you sign up ahead of time.

This is probably a repeat post but just want to make sure people are aware of it, FCC will stop doing automatic registration on May 20th.