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Usaf high frequency global communications system (hfgcs)

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Feb 1, 2006
The HFGCS System is a worldwide network of 15 high-power HF stations
providing air/ground HF command and control radio communications between ground agencies
and US military aircraft and ships. Allied military and other aircraft are also provided support IAW
agreements and international protocols as appropriate. The HFGCS is not dedicated to any service
or command, but supports all DoD authorized users on a traffic precedence/priority basis.

General Calling. Aircrews use a preliminary call as outlined in ACP-121 US Supp 2
using the collective callsign "MAINSAIL" or the HFGCS station call sign (example: Sigonella
Global this is Dark 86 on 11175, OVER). HFGCS operators require approximately 10 seconds (for
automated equipment configuration) to respond to calls for service. The HFGCS operator may
request the aircraft change to a discrete frequency for improved and/or extended service.

STATION 4724 6712 6739 8992 11175 13200 15016
Andrews 0500-1330Z 0300-1600Z 24 hours 24 hours 1330-0500Z 1600-0300Z
Ascension 2300-0700Z 2200-0900Z 24 hours 24 hours 0700-2300Z 0900-2200Z
Croughton 2300-0600Z 2100-0800Z 24 hours 24 hours 0600-2300Z 0800-210 0Z
1400-0100Z 1200-0200Z 24 hours 24 hours 0100-1400Z 0200-1200Z
Elmendorf 0600-1500Z 0400-1700Z 24 hours 24 hours 1500-0600Z 1700-0400Z
Guam 1300-2200Z 1100-2400Z 24 hours 24 hours 2200-1300Z 2400-1100Z
Hawaii 0800-1700Z 0700-1800Z 24 hours 24 hours 1700-0800Z 1800-0700Z
Lajes 2200-0800Z 2000-1200Z 24 hours 24 hours 0800-2200Z 1200-2000Z
Offutt 0400-1330Z 0200-1700Z 24 hours 24 hours 1330-0400Z 1700-0200Z
Puerto Rico 0400-1200Z 0100-1400Z 24 hours 24 hours 1200-0400Z 1400-0100Z
Sigonella 2200-0530Z 1900-0900Z 24 hours 24 hours 0530-2200Z 0900-1900Z
West Coast 0600-1400Z 0300-1800Z 24 hours 24 hours 1400-0600Z 1800-0300Z
Yokota 1300-2200Z 1100-2200Z 24 hours 24 hours 2200-1300Z 2200-1100Z
STATION 4724 6712 6739 8992 11175 13200 15016
Andrews 2400-1200Z 2200-1400Z 24 hours 24 hours 1200-2400Z 1400-2200Z
Ascension 2200-0800Z 2100-1000Z 24 hours 24 hours 0800-2200Z 1000-2100Z
Croughton 1800-0600Z 1700-0900Z 24 hours 24 hours 0600-1800Z 0900-1700Z
1600-2300Z 1400-0200Z 24 hours 24 hours 2300Z-1600Z 0200-1400Z
Elmendorf 0330-1630Z 0200-1800Z 24 hours 24 hours 1630-0330Z 1800-0200Z
Guam 1300-2030Z 0800-2200Z 24 hours 24 hours 2030-1300Z 2200-0800Z
Hawaii 0700-1600Z 0400-1800Z 24 hours 24 hours 1600-0700Z 1800-0400Z
Lajes 1800-0730Z 1700-0900Z 24 hours 24 hours 0730-1800Z 0900-1700Z
Offutt 0030-1330Z 2300-1400Z 24 hours 24 hours 1330-0030Z 1400-2300Z
Puerto Rico 0100-1100Z 2300-1200Z 24 hours 24 hours 1100-0100Z 1200-2300Z
Sigonella 1700-0500Z 1600-0800Z 24 hours 24 hours 0500-1700Z 0800-1600Z
West Coast 0130-1400Z 0030-1500Z 24 hours 24 hours 1400-0130Z 1500-0030Z
Yokota 0900-2100Z 0800-2200Z 24 hours 24 hours 2100-0900Z 2200-0800Z


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Jul 22, 2002
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I believe this is somewhat old - wasn't Sigonella closed last spring? Besides, we have a listing in our wiki... best regards...Mike


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Feb 12, 2010
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I believe this is somewhat old - wasn't Sigonella closed last spring? Besides, we have a listing in our wiki... best regards...Mike
I have caught (using a remote controlled rig in Rimmi IT) NATO A/C involved in Libya Ops fly in and out of both Aviano and Sigonella. A quick google search indicated US ops at Sigonella ended a few years ago.

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