USAF Thunderbirds - Columbus AFB – May 15-16, 2010

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Dec 18, 2002
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Thanks for the info... The T-Bids and Golden Knights will also be at the Little Rock, AR AFB in August for those that are following the arial spectaculars this year... Get us the latest radio freq data being used and win a ... Huge TY!


Dec 30, 2005
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I plan to attend the Wings of Columbus 2010, I have been to the last three. So if anyone at RR would like maybe we can plan a meet and greet.


Feb 16, 2010
That's correct. You do not need to go Sunday. Weather looks more poor on Sunday. I'm going Saturday.


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Dec 19, 2002
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After Action Report

Considering the weather holds for a Sunday show, for those attending here’s some of what Corn and I heard Saturday

121.075 - Air Boss
228.950 – T-1, T-6, T-38 Fly By
123.300 – Air act Jacguie B Airshows to PA
123.475 – US Army Golden Knights

141.075 – USAF Thundebbirds Diamond
235.250 – USAF Thunderbirds Solos
216.7275 –USAF Thunderbirds Audio Feed to PA (music played for Golden Knights as well)
413.725 – USAF Thunderbirds Ground Ops

Ground operations were for the most part on the CAFB TRS system. Several civilian agencies assisted including the Mississippi DOT Enforcement Officers who were helping with entrance gate operations & random vehicle searches (seems they liked SUVs). Other than the TRS frequencies, I could only confirm area fire departments with units at the show on Mississippi Statewide Fire 154.160.

If Mississippi had any State Troopers assisting, none were seen or heard specific to show detail.

Corn should be along soon with additions/corrections/addendums/comments as well.

All in all, a good show. Security was aggressive but none of our scanners, etc. were banned or taken. We were just questioned more than once. Traffic signage could have been better too, so remember how you got in because you are largely on your own getting out.

As far as we could tell, there were no programs for purchase. So, here is a rundown of the flying order.

1- 14 FTW Composite Fly By (T-1, T-6, T-38)
2- Pitts Demo – Jacquie B Airshows
3- Mig-21 Demo – Paul A. van den Heuvel
4- Vintage Thunderbird T-33 – Jerry “Jive” Kerby
5- C-17 Globemaster III Demo
6- Tora, Tora, Tora (with pyrotechnics)
7- U.S. Army Golden Knights
8- Pitts Demo – Jacquie B Airshows (second performance due to being ahead of schedule)
9- USAF Thunderbirds (after a maintenance problem caused #4 to go to a reserve aircraft)

Hope the Sunday show goes on without weather interference.


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Sep 9, 2003
Looks like you summed it up good, Radiojond. I will comment on the TRS. It is all digital, no analog TGs heard. I found several new talk groups that's not listed in the database and were only maybe able to tag TWO. I don't know if these are special event use or everyday TGs being used for the special event. The unknowns are as follows:


The ones i tagged hopefully are correct:

1136--used by the Medic Rovers (poss Med TG)
2128--Security/Police? used in addition to the Police Disp TG.

I didn't come across any other P25 activity other than the TRS at the show. The Intersquadron Radio frequencies were silent as well. While Radiojond and i were on the road i did have a hit on CAP freq 148.15 and it was in P25 format producing a NAC of 6xx. I enjoyed the show as well, you couldnt ask for better weather conditions. As for Security, yes they were pretty strict and firm so to speak. A lot more than i expected from a trainer facility. Eglin and Tyndall weren't nearly as anal when it came to the radios and in my case my curly cue earpeice. "hey sir what ya listening to?" Made it thru the gate just fine only to be stopped by a couple non-USAF security guys, but nonetheless Federal Law Enforcement, because they spotted my earpiece that favored theirs. Once they were satisfied they moved on. Not since Nellis have i felt so "like i was being watched" feeling. Of course at Nellis i never made it in with the scanner. Navy Air Shows are so much more understanding and accomodating. Oh well it was still a good show and the scanners did make it home with us.
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