USB cables and RS/GRE/Uniden scanners

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Jul 22, 2002
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A critical detail that, as far as I know, has not been documented anywhere has to do with what USB cables work with various scanners.

Of particular interest, it seems, would be which USB cables work with the pre-DMA Uniden scanners. We all know that the USB-1 is kinda the defacto standard for the DMA scanners as well as the BC95. In this case, I'm thinking about the BC796/296 and earlier, going all the way back to the ancient BC895.

In addition, I have seen that although the RS/GRE USB cable is generally the way to go for most of the RS/GRE scanners that can use it, I seem to recall - I could be wrong here -there seems to be some disagreement as to when to use the mono/stereo pigtail and when not to, contrary to what the website tells you to do.

This is the kind of detail that can easily be added to the Connecting scanners via USB wiki article. If you are using a non-RS or non-Uniden cable, be sure to give the make, model number and if you know it, which chipset it's using (FTDI, Prolific, etc.). The latter is important for getting up to date drivers. It's not important to give a link for the cable since it's likely available in several places - a good Google or Altavista search should turn it up.

This would be quite important information for newcomers.

73 Mike
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