BCD396T: USB Driver problems

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Oct 9, 2013
Ive downloaded what I guess is drivers for the USB cable. Im using Win7.

Not sure if Im suppose to be using an exact driver to get it to work or what.

I can plug in my serial cord at work and it works just fine. Just cant seem to get this USB cable to work.

I searched and didn't have much results in finding my problem.


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Jul 22, 2002
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You need to supply a LOT more information...let's start with this...

Precisely which USB cable are you trying to use?

Where did you get what you thought were drivers?

Did you look at Windows Device Manager to see what was going on?

Which version of Win7 are you using - some versions are 32 bit, others are 64 and that can be problematic for some drivers

Do you have any other devices that are using that USB port? Device driver loading is, to put it bluntly, stupid - it can and sometimes does allocate a port that's already being used. That's why knowing about your status in Device Manager is very important.

Did you happen to buy one of those el-cheapo knock offs from Amazon or fleaBay? Prolific (one of the major chip manufacturers) has put microcode into their process to block these, no matter what driver you try. The Chinese have been flooding the market with these recently. They're counterfeit.

You need to go through a specific process to set up the port on the scanner. It's summarized here (from the FreeScan user guide, blue text indicates a link). Did you perform this process?

FreeScan - Connecting the Scanner to the PC

Our wiki article on this subject has information on how to access Device Manager as well as cables that are known to work. Here's the link

Connecting scanners via USB - The RadioReference Wiki

That doesn't mean your cable won't work, however - it's just not on the list yet.

Once you supply some more info, more folks can jump in and help...Mike
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