USC230 Handling Problem, need help

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Apr 10, 2010
Hi, I'm a newbie here and I'm not familiar with the handling of (Uniden) scanners at all.

A few days ago I bought a USC230 and the butel software arc230, which works pretty fine, The Scanner is now programmed as I wanted, but I have a problem with a daily handling issue. Following, if i am in the CUSTUM SEARCH scanning mode it is a strange behavior how to leave this mode, means how to go back to the predefined (programmed) systems ranges and their scan mode

I am initiating the CUSTOM SEARCH mode as follows:

press FUNC Button → Scroll control until SEARCH FOR … → E --> set Scroll control to CUSTOM SEARCH → press E ... and than the scanning starts

To leave / interupt this CUSTOM SEARCH mode i have to do the following:

"...SCAN..." in CUSTOM SEARCH mode → press HOLD Button → press FUNC Button → press HOLD Button again→ press MENU Beutton → press HOLD button two times ... and this this really sucks!

Isn't there an much easier way, how to leave the active / scanning CUSTOM SEARCH mode?

Anxy help is appreciated, please post your hint as a step by step description, thanks!

Sorry for my bad english grammar, but you have to know, that i'm a native german ;-))

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