USFS Aircraft Landing Gear Fails

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Nov 16, 2004
VALLEJO, Calif. - A fixed-wing airplane assigned to the Yolla Bolly Complex had its nose landing gear fail as it made a landing at the Redding airport August 13 at 3:15 p.m. A pilot and Air Tactical Group Supervisor were on board. There were no injuries.
The aircraft had just refueled and taken off, when the pilot noticed a landing gear indicator light. The pilot contacted the tower and did a fly by and was told the gear was still down. After troubleshooting in the air by cycling the landing gear up and down to see if the nose gear would fully retract, the pilot decided to return for a landing. As the aircraft landed, the nose of the airplane contacted the tarmac but the rear gear remained intact.
"The pilot handled the situation well," said Acting Regional Aviation Safety Manager Jami Anzalone. "The damage is being assessed."
The Forest Service will be conducting an investigation into the incident.
The aircraft involved is a twin engine, fixed wing aircraft known as an Aero Commander and was operating under contract to the U.S. Forest Service by Kolob Canyons Air Service.
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