Using Butel Software with the SDS200

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Oct 18, 2002
Farmington, Connecticut
I use the Butel ARC software to edit my programming on the BCDx36HP and the SDS series scanners without any problems except when I want to add to an existing FL. Every time I try to update a system I don’t get any further than a note telling me I’ve already got a copy of what I want to add running.

What I am hoping to learn here is a step by step tutorial. I will list what I am doing and hope someone will recognize what it is I am getting wrong, or ignore what I did and just list the process.

the first thing I do is read the scanner into the Butel software. I then delete the system I want to update. Then I go to the internet using the ARC software and grab a copy of the updated system. This installs that updated system as a new FL underneath the FL I started with. But I want the newer system to go back where I deleted the older version... as part of the original FL. Under “File“ I choose “Add a new system”, but I’ve got to get the newer .hpd file listed along with my other .hpd files first. Once I have it listed I choose it to be added and get a warning that it is already running.
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