DSDPlus Using DSD+ Raw format to solve a problem


Dec 19, 2005
Hi: looking for some advice as to how I might go about solving this conundrum....

A scenario: I would like to help a friend decode signals that DSD+ currently doesn't cover (eg dPMR). I have access to an Icom R30 which does. But I can't get the R30 to the location where he is (different part of the globe). I'm thinking if he can get a raw DSD+ recording and send it to me, and I can somehow 'replay' it through the R30, we can test stuff.

So how might I go about 'replaying' it into the front end of the R30? Any ideas? Can I buy an audio-RF generator and do it this way? I presume my issue here might be how the sig-gen modulates the audio (limited to AM, FM?). Anyone any experience of this or can test before I invest (sensibly !!) in one? Any other bright ideas?