using my rs 651


Aug 2, 2020
silver lake
My old race scanner died so i purchased this 651 as a replacement and i am overwhelmed.
i just wanted to listen to my local police/fire/ems and a steam train.
the instructions left me very confused. I have tried stalker II and scanning to no avail.
also, the user manual said I could get the programming software on but i don't see it. i did download a trial version from the vendor but got errors because the drivers for the cable were not available.
can anyone help please?


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Aug 23, 2005
Bay City MI
Is this for silver lake MI?

You can be a premium subscriber, use software then download into that, then you would need a programming cable to send to the radio with a windows computer. One thing radio shack as an additional $30 'conveniently left out' as compared to the whistler version that included it. Same went for the ac adapter!
Would work -

I use psredit500, PSREdit500 - Configuration Editor for the PSR-500, PSR-600, PRO-106, and PRO-197 Scanners

How to videos -
Since the 651 is just the same as the pro 106, psr500 (minus the firmware) look that up and the pro 197, ws1065, psr 600 are the desktop versions of the radio. So you can modify the search parameters above.
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Sep 15, 2006
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There are specific cables you should use for this model. The driver you need depends on the Operating System you're using. You can download them at While I use WIN500 for this model, there has been difficulty lately in purchasing a key to unlock it. There are 3 programs you can use, all come with 30 day free trial.

When it comes to signal stalker, you should realize that "channels" are now often "virtual" and part of a trunked system. So if you do stumble upon something at a specific frequency, it is just a snapshot in time and won't always be on that frequency. Also, it is my understanding that Signal Stalker is designed for signals that are close by, and not designed to "surf" per se.