Using the GRE PSR 700 in Canada

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Dec 19, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta
I picked up a new PSR-700 in the US on vacation this Summer. Having hunted around the web to try and resolve the conflicting information about whether or not it would work in Canada, I'm here to say it will.

When I got the scanner it came with CPU version 1.3 which only allowed access to the US side of the database from the scanner itself. Once I had updated it to version 1.7 I was then presented with a new option when using the SD card database. Instead of being taken to a list of US states, it asked which Country - Canada or USA. So the unit does indeed allow access to the Canadian RR database once the CPU update has been performed.

The computer software also allows access to the Canadian database and imports can easily be made from there.

So if anyone out there is wondering...the PSR700 will indeed work well in Canada for non-digital systems. I've had no problem with Motorola & EDACS trunked systems, or conventional channels. I have no standard LTR systems nearby to test, but assume it would work fine on them too.
Not open for further replies.