USNS Rainier EDACS system

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Dec 19, 2002
This one's a little odd, in that it never rotates between LCN's, always using the first available LCN... and it's so rare that more than one talkgroup is in use at the same time, that I've gone a week and never seen any third freqeuency/LCN actually addressed.

So far, I have only heard the control channel, and one voice channel used, for all comms. You could just program in the voice channel (LCN 2) and treat it as a conventional system, and hear 99.9+ % of all comms.

The system is rather stronger than most ship EDAC systems are, so I suspect this one has an actual outside antenna, not just the internal 'leaky coax' most use.

USNS Rainier (T-AOE 7) Fleet Fast Supply Ship (Not a warship)

LCN 1 - 406.850
LCN 2 - 407.075

Because I've found another system on a different ship that used those two channels, along with two others, my best guess for LCN 3 (I'm assuming there is one) would be 408.125

Unlike many ship systems, this one uses talk groups only, no I-Calls, and users identify plainly by function, so, you hear folks ID as:

Captain, Ship's Mate (1st Officer), Cargo Botswain, Cargo Engineer, Gangway, Main Watch, Radio, etc.

I have so far heard 6 talkgroups in use:

Group/Hits in a week
256 - 5
258 - 41
259 - 74 Cargo Operations? (Crane control)
260 - 5
261 - 2
267 - 578 General Operations?

Some Unit ID's (decimal)

1000 - Captain
1005 - Chief Mate (1st Officer)
1011 - Cargo Botswain
1107 - Cargo Engineer
1305 - Ship's Botswain
1501 - Cargo Mate
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