Utah Jazz.... A fun story from the past. (Be ready for this year!)


Nov 25, 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah
As many of us in Utah know the Utah Jazz are having an incredible year. I thought I would post an old scanning story to get everyone ready for what may and hopefully could be our first NBA Championship.

In 1997 the era of Stockton to Malone the Utah Jazz had an amazing season. They had reached the Western Conference finals and in a 3-point-shot that would be seen through franchise history, John Stockton sent the Jazz to their first finals.

That night is when scanning comes to this story. I had the scanner on monitoring everything I could. This was all pre-UCAN or Trunking. It was announced in the media the Jazz would fly back to Salt Lake that night and arrive around 130 AM. A friend and I decided we would head to the executive side of the airport to check it out. By 11 PM the entire area was swarming with fans, On the scanner, SLC and Airport police were trying to work out traffic and crowd control. A call was made to get a Port-Potty company to deliver right away, again this was midnight. The dispatcher informed the officers requesting that the company had thought it was a prank, and the call had been answered by an overnight service who was going to page the actual company once the situation was explained.

Over the next few days during the finals, the scanner had channels dedicated to operations. there were events set up at the then Delta Center, busses transporting the Bulls and press. Media of all types from everywhere with reportings, wireless mics, communications. It was a buffet of scanning opportunities.

We don't know what the 2nd round against the LA Clippers will bring, or the remaining series if we can get there. The moral of the story is even if you are not a sports, or Jazz fan if things get to the finals it's a scannerpalooza! Get ready to monitor things you never would think about.

GO Jazz!!