Utility related clubs and pubs


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Jul 22, 2002
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I'm in the midst of doing some long-delayed cleanup of this article in our wiki...

For those that may not know - you can define utilities on HF with a bit of negative logic. If it's not SWBC, amateur radio or CB - it's utility.

Those of you that belong to the Utility DXers Forum on groups.io probably already know this, but the UDXF website has a ton of links for just about anything imaginable relating to Utility DX. No sense in us trying to recreate it. However his club links mix SWBC and other clubs together making it difficult to find anyone that specifically includes Utility DX in its coverage.

If you go to the bottom of the above article, you can see where I'm trying to focus this category. If you know of any clubs, mailing lists (including Facebook. Twitter, etc.) and hobby level publications (like Spectrum Monitor) that include Utility DX in its coverage, please pass it along, or feel free to add it to the article.
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