VA Beach FD - TG System Patches

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Apr 28, 2002
For some time I realized that I was missing some dispatches on the FD talkgroup 37936. I was aware that the comm center would create a TG patch to dispatch FD and EMS on dual runs but it seemed that in the past I would always here the dispatch. Recently when I was with a friend, his department portable was hearing a dispatch that was not coming over my scanner. At first I thought my scanner was bad. I decided to drag out the trunker system and to do some monitoring. Trunker is reading these dispatches as a "Patch", not a MSEL (multi-select TG). When monitoring the scanner, no call was being dispatched on the FD TG when the patch was active. The call was being heard on the EMS TG. I turned on the status bit to find the true talkgroup. I discovered that the active talkgroup is 45879 (which is the true EMS TG of 45872 + 7 for a patch). Neither the FD 37936 nor the +7 of 37943 for a patch) was active. That was why I was missing calls. Not being familiar with how their consoles work, I am guessing that the dispatchers are evidently they are selecting the EMS channel as the primary patch channel.

Therefore to be able to hear dispatches for FD equipment, I had to make some changes on my Uniden since I don't want to monitor the EMS channel. I now set my scanners to monitor the status bit (not to do the rounding). I've added 37938 (+2 for emergency button TG, and 45879 for the patch channel. I can now hear all of the dispatches without any trouble. When the patch is not active, 45879 is silent (no EMS traffic). The downside is that I've also had to program in the +2 emergency status bit on any of the PD channels being monitored.

Thought I would share this with anyone that also monitors VB.
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