Van Buren County Road Commission


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Aug 8, 2021
Plainwell, Michigan
So I was searching on

And surprise, surprise, I found this:1718324655965.png

I didn't know that Van Buren road commission went digital, especially trunked. So I am just starting this thread to get the word out and also ask, how should I program this because there's more!
If it's trunked then what frequencies do I program in? It's obvious that their are inputs listed as well, but which ones are the true outputs. Because I shows the inputs around the sites. Are all the site CCs in the one small band of inputs? Because I doesn't and does at the same time look like a simulcast network. Maybe I'm being stupid, but I would like to know how to program and track this.

Here's a link to the site map: ULS License - Public Safety Pool, Trunked License - WRWC361 - VAN BUREN COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION - Locations Summary