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Nov 19, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
Does anyone have a system provided by this company? I recently received the below offer and I am wondering if it is legitimate. Can't be too careful on the internet these days. Everyone wants some of my money it seems. They had my full name listed in the email. I am registered on their webisite and have been for several years. Thanks for any help.--Gary

I hope you are well and having a good day.

I am writing to you as I believe we may be able to assist one another. Vesseltracker is a leading AIS provider, which provides maritime organizations across the globe with vital information required in the maritime industry. Our services are customized to suite the challenges of the day to day operations of companies or individuals who need up to date information on their vessels.

We are continuously looking for new locations to cover and are happy to partner with organizations or individuals who may be interested in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

With regards to the partnership we will provide the partner (you or your company) with a free access to Terrestrisch & Satelliten AIS Tracking Service in Realtime - for life, for which we usually charge between USD800 and USD1500 per year, we will additionally provide you with your own vessel tracking system, for which we will cover the costs for (usually USD1100), including antenna, receiver and computer/converter. Please remember we are only looking for one partner in each area.

All that is required is a location close to the local port/ocean with a clear view of the ocean or water way, a 24/7 internet connect, and the only fee to the partner is the actually delivery cost, which is either UPS or DHL standard.

Some of the services our product provides are:

  • Real time data on ship movements, for example: course, speed, even time of arrival.
  • In depth data on each ships specifications.
  • Access via Google Earth enables you to view all vessels around the globe, and then concentrate on areas of interest within seconds.
  • History of each port visited by vessels including mooring and sailing times.
  • Email, text and telephone alerts of desired vessels, which can be customized, for example: you would like to know when your ships are within 5miles of port.
  • Fleet management, all your vessels will be highlighted and tracked which enables you to view each of your vessels accurately.
  • Specially designed version for smart phone access.
  • INMARSAT - Direct to Vessel Communication.
  • Additionally we offer XML services, so you are able to integrate our data into your systems for any application.
With regards to the services we will be offering at no cost, please visit the following link Tour -

If you have any questions, or I can assist in any way, please let me know.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, and hope we will be able to work together in the near future.

Kind regards,


Robert Taylor-Branco
Antenna Coordinator
Tel: +49(0) 40 2093103 -14
Fax: +49(0) 40 970 786 -11


Video Demonstrations: Tour -

Registered Address: GmbH, Mundsburger Damm 45, D-22087

Amtsgericht: Hamburg . VAT.-Id.-No.: DE 251202658 Managing Directors: C. Bullemer, R. Paahsen . Handelsregister: HRB 98923


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Sep 5, 2011
Astoria OR

If you are interested in following ships, use marine or shipfinder. THese are free and track ships using AIS.


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Mar 22, 2005
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"Does anyone have a system provided by this company?"

Outside the shipping industry I don't see anyone who would have a use for it.

"I recently received the below offer and I am wondering if it is legitimate."

Oh it's legitimate, they're looking for you to provide data for the system. Unless your family name is Onassis or Maersk I don't see a need here. For my money into the bit bucket goes SPAM.

Then sometimes when I have nothing else to do I get curious.
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