VHF/800 SMA Antenna Suggestions?

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Looking at other antennas i could add for my 396T. The main thing i need is VHF, 150-160Mhz and 800Mhz for ARMER when that gets going here.

I do have seperate antennas for each band, but i would love to find a good performance SMA antenna that covers both that i can leave on the unit all the time. I carry it around on my belt most of the time so i hate changing antennas all the time.

The further complication is that the analog vhf paging will remain in place here after the 800Mhz ARMER system is complete, so i still need to monitor both bands. I looked at every dealer i could think of, searched eBay, etc... But didn't find much.

I want a good quality SMA antenna, so no adapter adding height or stress to the connector, and with good gain!

Any suggestions??
Not open for further replies.