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VHF Channel Squelchng OUT - 2014 Silverado

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Sep 13, 2014
I have a TK-790 installed in my personnel P/U, a 2014 Sliverado. Use is for Fire Dept etc. My problem is one freq. opens up squelch, I believe from interference from P/U. All other channels seem to work fine. I think freq is in the 156.XXX range. I think I have it narrowed down to the P/U radio "My Link" system. Any way this could be corrected? Probably no filters for my problem?

Install: Deck under rear seat, control head mounted on dash. Antenna drilled and mounted on roof.

Some tests I did:
A friend with software, tuned it out but had to raise the squelch so high trouble receiving anything, turned it back down.

I hooked to a spare battery to help eliminate dirty power, still there.

Even hooked up my old tk-7160. still there.

Used a separate mag antenna on roof, still there,
If a move mag antenna to my tailgate seems to clear up, have not fully tested moving etc...

Seems to go away when "Chevy My Link" shuts down, and comes back with opening a door which starts My Link.

Any thought?


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Jul 18, 2014
Try connecting a dummy load instead of the antenna, and see if you still get the interference. If you do, then a DC power filter will help. If not, it's RF interference, and your only options are to disable My Link somehow (if that's even possible) or to remount the antenna as far from the source of the interference as possible.


Feb 24, 2001

I install,keep all 2 way radio cables away from factory harnesses.
make the ground on your 2 way as short as possible and scratched clear of paint and Tight i cant express this enough.(not to the battery!)
keep your antenna away from the factory antenna as far away as possible.
if it persists,locate the fuse for myLink and remove it while the interference
is happening ,see if it goes away.
Report back.

Take the cables for the 2 way and move them around with the vehicle,with the mylink and vehicle on and running) to see where to locate them permanently depending on how annoying the problem is.If the problem persists,its the radio or another radio such as a scanner or other device causing interference.

PS we just put a Yaesu dual band one at a time in a chevy impala with mylink zero issues.
get us that frequency!
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