Vhf Narrowband Trunking

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Jan 19, 2005
What scanner would work best for narrow band vhf trunking,9600baud.
Wyoming is introducing their new system. Do you know if the Pro 96 would handle it. Do you need a custom table for 9600 baud. Such as base, offset and spacing.


Silent Key Jan. 14, 2012
May 11, 2002
Eclipse, Virginia
Welcome to 9600 b VHF trunking. Likely you will need to run Pro96Com version 1.4.3 build 50 with a Pro-96 or 2096 to find the correct tables. And Win96 version 1.52 to set the tables.

We were struggling here with a similar system Virginia STARS. Of the 7 tables in the list, only the 3 with 2.50 KHz step are used at this time.

Michael Vander Veer is the author of Pro96Com and he developed the current version to work on this type system cause it does not produce a system ID on the Pro-96/2096 CC when manually parked on the CC. With his latest version, we were able to lock on the program and find the necessary data (tables), sysid and many other resources, including collecting ID's, towers and their frequencies.

However, the scanner does not have the ability to handle narrow 2.50 step. But, good oh Don Starr was lurking about, and providing tidbits in our effort. And when we got Mikes program to work and found the narrow steps, Don worked on Win96 and got it to *fool* the scanner with his latest version. In fact, I think it'll allow a step of 1.25 KHz.

Alaska has a similar system (also in the database), and Jose Torres piped in with a great amount of help also.

Anyway, start a feed in the Wyoming forum with a similar topic, and I'm sure Jose and some of us here will be working with your effort.
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