Vidant TRS TGs

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Sep 16, 2015
Did some monitoring of the new Vidant P25 TRS system. Here's what I deduced:

37006 - ?
37026 - Vidant Maintenance
37027 - Vidant Maintenance
37028 - Vidant Maintenance
37029 - Vidant HVAC
37031 - Vidant Maintenance
37032 - Vidant Maintenance
37034 - Vidant Maintenance
37035 - ?
37125 - Vidant Police
37163 - Vidant Shuttle
37201 - Vidant Outdoor Maintenance
37204 - ?

I have already submitted these to the admin for inclusion to the database. If anyone is in the Greenville area, you might take a listen to these (and to a wildcard) to better flesh out what's actually on this system.

ECU Facility Services used to be on the old TRS but I didn't hear anything that sounded specifically like ECU to me when I was listening. That doesn't mean it's not... Wish I lived closer so I could better monitor and figure out what was on the system.
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