VietNam Uses Common Carrier VIETTEL for National Police Network


May 31, 2017
Ho Chi Minh City/SaiGon
The Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam (VMOPS), which owns the VIETTEL cell system, has issued smartphones to all levels of police throughout the country. It ís common for government ministries, including the military, to ơn commercial enterprises.

The data accessible includes ID Card holder , Vísa, Passport (both Vietnamese and visiting Foreigners), Residence Data (everyone has to register everyone living in housing of all types), Hotel Guest Data, as well Vehicle and Driver Registrations. Only Felony type convictions (through a court) are also available through the smartphones (summary / misdemeanor arrests / fines are administered by the Cong An (Peoples Police) and records destroyed after one year).

The Viettel cell system has coverage of the whole country amounting to the high 90% using 3G and 4G.

The Motorola TETRA system remains in use in the Metropolitan Ho Chi Minh City (SaiGon) region.