Virginia Beach, Virginia P25 trunk talkgroups information


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Feb 26, 2005
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
The new talkgroup added-1259 for VBFD intercity communications is very likely just another Tac Channel. 911 Communications uses an ORION talkgroup to talk to other 911 centers in the area and all fire/rescue units can use any tac channel assigned in either jurisdiction to communicate. In other words-if a fire call is dispatched with units responding from our city and a surrounding city, all units use the same tac channel. If Tac 3 is assigned their units will also use that. So, there is no special talkgroup used in this area for intercity fireground communications. IC-1 on ORION is usually used by 911 communications to communicate with surrounding cities and North Carolina. Also, any radio in any unit, can be used on ORION or any talkgroup in the system by simply switching to it. If you are in a rescue unit, you are using a radio set to the fire/rescue group. To talk to police, simply change group setting on the control head and transmit. This in not usually done though. Usually a battalion officer will switch if necessary, not individual units. And, dispatch will tell you to leave the channel unless you are properly authorized.
Although it says newbie under my amateur radio callsign, I am not. I have been a member of rescue since 1980 when our city was still using VHF analog. I had unit 173P (Paramedic} on the analog 800 trunk when it was started. I went to retired status in 2000 and active Support Member in 2015, just after the program began. I also worked at the 911 center for a short time. I still occasionally use the P25 system and have trained on the unit radio equipment.
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Dec 18, 2002
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I should have clarified that when I entered it Norfolk and Chesapeake have called on the last few weeks for morning radio checks