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Dec 10, 2004
Daytona Beach, FL
Using the Florida sub-forum for collaboration can be problematic because things scroll off the first page and also some folks may not want to read through the process of verifying things in a threaded post. I've created some pages in the RR Wiki linked off the Volusia County page and some of the pages for the business and systems in the county.

Businesses - Unidentified Licences Crane Lakes GC, Daytona One Hotel, Peabody Center, Publix Grocery Stores

Daytona Beach International Airport - New Unidentified License

VoTran - unknown talkgroup

AALCOMM Communications Unknown Talkgroup

Bethune Cookman University Unknown Talkgroups

Volusia County (EDACS) Unknown Talkgoups

If you want to program these freqs or talkgroups in and help with the process of identifying them and getting the info verified so that it can be submitted to the database that would be great.

If you are searching and see or hear something on your radio that's on on the database listing here, click on the Wiki icon of that page and see if there's any notes in the corresponding Wiki page. Users can add and edit the wiki content to share their notes and observations. Unlike the DB submissions, you can post things that might be a guess and work with others on figuring out what we are hearing.

If you are in a different county check and see if there are Wiki pages for collaboration on the things you monitor.
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