VX-3R Manual Programmimg Tutorial!?

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Oct 18, 2007
I just purchased a VX3R at HRO yesterday and I'm already to the point to where I want to shoot myself... I used to own the vx1 years ago, but haven't retained the programming skills. Does anybody have a tutorial online either written or video to help us slower old guys? And please, I already am painfully aware that Yaesu makes a program for this and will eventually buy it. I choose to go the way of the warrior and learn to program via the radio itself. I've tried to understand the well written manual, but as I say, for some reason I can't comprehend... To be exact, my desire is to program 12 aviation frequencies into b-1... any constructive and informative help out there? You can email me direct at airdog916 at yahoo.com and I will get it and respond in short order from my smart phone... Best Regards and Thanks in advance!
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