VX-8GR Feedback issue on the A band

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Aug 13, 2005
So my VX8gr has a very annoying problem only had it for about a week. On the A band I have noticed the radio will start feeding back on hi volume levels. This only appears to be happening on the A band while using VHF frequencies. UHF works fine and so does the B band. Well I called Yaesu tech support today and spoke to Tim who wasn't of any help and kept telling me this is normal.. I'm like yea okay my friend who has the same radio hasn't had this said issue he basically told me that this isn't possible because ALL VX8GR's do this as this is "normal" so he says and said there is no problem with the radio even though he stated that he has received many phone calls related to this. Umm hello?? if you have received many phone calls about this then obviously something is WRONG. I was told by Tim that I could send my radio into be looked at since it is under warranty but since there is nothing wrong with the radio there is nothing to fix...

So how many of you have this same problem? and were you able to fix it.

Oh and Tim told me "why don't you just turn the volume down" yes that would work but I would like to be able to hear the radio out side.. and I guess I could use the B band on VHF but I shouldn't have to.. The radio should work right!!!

ugh end of rant.
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