Waco, TX P25 Channel Question

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Feb 11, 2010
I am new and will try to ask my question in, at least, a semi-intelligent way.

I downloaded all of the trunk frequency data for McLennan County/Waco, Texas and uploaded them to my BCD396XT with no problem thanks to the ARC software I purchased. All groups and sites are working fine and I am slowly learning how to fish out the ones that really interest me. However, I have one site in the "Police" group for this system that I don't quite understand.

The channel name from the upload is "Unid P25 Sur." I have it set to scan and frequently the scanner stops on the channel, but all I hear is a strange beep and what sounds like a mike key, and then nothing. The RR database listing shows:

48144 bc1 D Unid P25 Sur Law Enforcement Surveillance, some encryption Law Tac

I wonder about the statement "some encryption" and need to know if this is encrypted in such a way as to prevent monitoring or if there are some settings I need to be aware of to listen to this channel successfully.

Like I said, I'm pretty new to this and hope I am asking this question in the correct forum. I appreciate any advice or information at all. Thanks

B. Shaw


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Nov 5, 2002
Hi SHAWB13, welcome to RadioReference :)

The encryption would indeed prevent monitoring and there would be no setting adjustment that you could make to allow monitoring.

I believe 48144 is included in the database for completion sake, to acknowledge that the system users are using it from time to time for their surveillance activities.
If it is bothersome, put a temp lock out if it is hanging your scanning. You can go back and enable it again if you get curious.
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Jun 6, 2007
Hunter, TX

I've seen this talkgroup before also and have heard it used. Definitely encryption. I don't live near enough Waco to try but I bet with some basic sleuthing it could be figured out who uses that talkgroup.

Notice that it is the only digital talkgroup on that whole trunked system. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to find out which department (or division within a department, or even "agency/bureau/administration") has and is using the only digital talkgroup around, just by asking around. Or, if you eat out enough you're bound to sit next to a radio broadcasting crystal clear P25 one day (if you catch my drift...)
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