Wake EMS new "Alarm" Levels

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Jan 21, 2002
Raleigh, NC
RWECC has recently implemented several changes to EMS dispatch recommendations for a number of call types. This is a summary of what is being implemented:

1. An EMS First Alarm will be assigned on all dispatched STRUCTURE FIRES at numerous high risk facilities throughout the County. The initial list of facilities was gathered from the agency chiefs, predominately consisting of nursing homes and other risk population facilities. As new high risk facilities open, please forward that information to your District Chief or Agency Chief so that we can get that list updated.

2. Responses to emergencies at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport will be changed to match the EMS alarm system. RDU First Alarm requests will get an EMS First Alarm response. Upgrades to an Alarm 2 at the Airport will upgrade the response to an EMS Second Alarm. Alarm 3 responses (on-airport plane crash) will get an EMS Third Alarm response and Alarm-4 responses will get an EMS Fourth Alarm dispatch. Note that with exception of the First Alarm units, all subsequent units will be dispatched to Park and Ride 5 rather than the initial incident location. This is the designated point for Staging and this is necessary to ensure MARVLIS appropriately routes resources to this location. Of course, with the Alarm 4 incidents, an alternate off-site staging location will likely be designated.

3. Incident Commanders can now request additional EMS resources by Alarm level. This will start with a single unit asking the telecommunicator to fill the box on a given call, which will add a second EMS unit and a District Chief, up to the necessary Alarm response to deliver the necessary resources to a scene.

It is essential on these dispatches that EMS hold with the dispatched resources. When these events happen, activity is very high in both the 911 Center and on the radios. Call swaps should be avoided as much as we can. Unit adds should be limited only to additional Command Staff as required. For Incident Commanders, it is within the latitude of that role to special call additional units and not request only a specific alarm. If you only need one more ambulance based on patient counts, ask for what you need. When unsure of the needs, always guess high and return those resources not required once a thorough size up and triage are complete.

As a refresher, here is what each Box/Alarm delivers. Attached is an Adobe Acrobat pdf guide on EMS dispatches.

Box Alarm: 2 EMS units and 1 District Chief
First Alarm: 3 EMS units, 2 District Chiefs, 1 APP, Truck-1
Second Alarm: 6 EMS units, 3 District Chiefs, 2 APPs, MD-1

Each alarm greater than a Second will add 3 EMS units, 1 APP, and 1 District Chief.

Hope this helps some of you out.
Happy Monitoring!
Marshall KE4ZNR


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