Warbirds at PWK this weekend

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Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
Chicago Executive Airport (Formerly Palwaukee Airport) will again host the "Wings of Freedom Tour" this weekend. This year they will be flying a P-51 as well as the B-24, B-25 and B-17 that visited last year.

You can view the aircraft for free, both on the ground and flying in and out of PWK as well as take paid tours inside the aircraft. You can even fly in them (at a fairly hefty price!).

They will arrive at PWK on Friday afternoon (July 18) and leave Monday afternoon (July 21). Flights will run all 4 days.

The Public Viewing area at PWK now has the Tower frequency broadcast from a speaker near the bleachers. This is a great place to watch aircraft from, even when the warbirds aren't around! You can also find good spots near the ends of whatever runways are in use.

Last year they usually used either Runway 34 or 30. The aircraft will be parked between flights near the corner of Milwaukee Av and Palatine Road, on the site of the former Preister building. The Public Viewing area is just west of there, off of Palatine Frontage Road.

Bring water and sunblock as well as your scanner and camera!

PWK freqs from the CARMA Profile:

119.9000 Tower (ID’s as “Executive”)
126.9500 Tower Aux
298.9500 Tower (UHF)
124.7000 Clearance Delivery
121.7000 Ground
124.2000 ATIS
122.9500 Unicom
131.5500 ACARS Data Outlet
125.0000 Arv/Dep Via Chicago Radar
122.1000 Flight Service Station (FSS)
120.5500 Arv/Dep
290.2000 Arv/Dep (UHF)
129.1250 Arinc
130.2250 Arinc
129.9500 Signature Flight Support (FBO)
130.7750 Service Center (FBO)
130.3250 Atlantic/ North American Jet FBO
130.5250 Preister Charter Service
123.3000 Windy City Fliers
122.8250 FMC Corporation Hangars
122.8750 Motorola Inc Hangars
129.1500 Henry Crown Corporate Ops
131.7500 W.W. Grainger Flight Ops
149.5375 CAP “Palwaukee Base” (100.0)
149.8000 CAP APRS type beacon (FM)
154.5700 Ground trucks, (114.8)
154.8600 Airport Ops F1 (203.5)
155.1150 Airport Ops F2 (107.2)
410.0750 Weather Link (000.0)
451.9375 Signature Flight Support (D325)
469.2750 North American Jet (D754)
462.6875 North American Jet? (D754)

Wheeling freqs:
857.4875 D023 Police F1 Primary Dispatch
859.2375 D423 Police F3 Alternate Dispatch
856.4375 D723 Police F5 Special Event Channel Direct
155.7600 071.9 Police F2, VHF Alternate
155.1300 071.9 Police Police Channel 4
159.4050 Police Channel 6
159.6600 D031 Fire Dispatch by RED Center, Repeats 156.135
153.2150 D031 Fire Simulcast to 159.6600
159.7950 D031 Fire FireCom Link
476.4625 123.0 LG Public Works (Police Channel 2)

Prospect Hts. Freqs (See NWCD for Police)
155.1150 107.2 Police Tac & Local Government
151.4000 107.2 Parks Park District
159.6600 D031 Fire RED Center
159.0300 Misc Unknown Use

Rich Carlson, N9JIG
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