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Was anyone listening to Wheatridge last night?

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Jun 28, 2003
I was wondering if anyone happened to be listening to Wheat Ridge or CSP (Troop 6 I think) around 22:00 Wednesday night?

I called in what I think was a DUI Trucker. I was in a line of about 35 cars on 93 heading south into Golden when I began to think something was odd about how slow he was driving. From the far north end of town, near the ballfields he was going maybe 20 or 25. When we got to where 93 and Colorado 58 and US 6 all meet he sat through two full green lights in the left turn lane. Most of us passed him and he stayed in place.

Then the semi headed East on Hwy 58, doing about 30 in the 65. After about 2 miles of that I called CSP (303-239-4501) and reported a possible DUI, either that or an extremely fatigued driver. Once this guy got to I-70 and Ward road (which took quite a while at 30 MPH) he pulled off to Ward. I called CSP back (thier request if he exited anywhere) when I realized he going to the TA truckstop. They said they'd pass it along.

I called Wheatridge directly after about 15 minutes, and of course they hadn't heard from CSP. So I repeated my concern, he had poor lane control, half the posted limit and sitting through the lights. Anyway, this guy fuels up, wanders around the store and circles the truckstop a few times looking for a place to park. This lasted about 25 minutes. Still no sign of Law Enforcement.

:mad: During that time I did see a WPD Cruiser go west on 44th, right past him, turn in by the Shamrock station for about 15 minutes and then wizz off eastbound 44th, to Kipling, cut south to 32nd, over to Wadsworth, and down to 29th and in the barn. He didn't even stop for another officer doing a roadside at 32nd and Kipling. Ironically it was about 10 minutes to 23:00 ... shift Change maybe? He was alone in the Cruiser too.....:mad:

I was wondering if anyone heard a REDDI report from either CSP or Wheatrigde last night?

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