Waterloo Regional EDACS system (to be upgraded)

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Jul 13, 2004
I have come across a report from an waterloo regional manager of engineering services, regarding the upgrading up the Waterloo Regional EDACS system. It indicates that the system will reach it's normal life cycle by 2009. And a request has been prepared to examine, and recommend possibly and upgrade or a new system all together, with projected cost factors.

The date of this report was sept 2007, but i thought, some of the members on here on rr, might be interested in reading it.

The report also outlines the pros and cons of various alternatives including a completely new private system and combinations of public systems such as Telus, FleetNet and Passport

The main concern for all the depts the Voice Radio System covers, is the complaints of indoor coverage while transmitting

Here is the Link....

Yes, its a long one, so just cut and paste
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