weather balloon launches from Las Vegas


Feb 1, 2004
National Weather Service
If you click on the dot in the center of the page it indicates that they launch weather balloons from this location. I haven't seen any tracked on the internet from Las Vegas but nobody is tracking at 1680MHz. The tracking websites track in the 400MHz band.

Tracking software
I can run this on Opensuse Linux. It isn't that hard to compile if you know how to compile Linux code. You load dependencies from the package manager and keep trying until tt compiles. That said I have only tracked the 400MHz weather balloons.

Note that they say 0 and 12 UTC. It is more like about 4:15 AM an PM during daylight savings.

I can tell you the Edwards AFB launches to the east are real. You could probably receive some of the track from Las Vegas. Don't use the frequency search feature of the software. It rarely works.

This website archives the launches. What you do is white list the known frequencies. It will try them all.