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May 26, 2010
Hi All,

Can someone step me through setting my local weather channel as a quick key?

Nothing I have tried seems to work.


Uniden BCD536HP


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Feb 6, 2004
Louisville, KY
Probably want to create a "Weather Only" Favorites List.

Start Sentinel
Expand the Databases tree so that you see your home state and county. Click on the + sign beside Nationwide to show all nationwide systems.
Right Mouse Click on "National Wester Service - USA" and Append Favorites List
Clcik on the New Favorites List command box and enter the name for the Favorites List as desired.
Then Edit the newly created Favorites List and assign a Favroites List Quick Key (a unique one).
Next Edit the Profile you use. Under the Service Types tab, confirm the "Other" Service Type is checked (this is the Service Type associated with Weather). In the Scan Selection tab, confirm Monitor is On and Download is On.
Save Profile and Write to your scanner.

You may or may not want to set the Favorites List Quick Key to be off by default. You'd do this in the Profile Editor in the Quick Keys Status Tab, unchecking the box associated wtih your Weather Favorites List Quick Key. When a FLQK status is Off by default, you have to turn the Quick Key On to scan it. (Being Off means you won't have to turn it Off when you turn your scanner on. One of those things you can weigh the pros and cons of).

Also, and you probably already know, since weather channels are always transmitting, once the scanner stops on an active weather channel, it will stay there until you do something such as turning off the FLQK, avoiding the channel, etc.


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Aug 1, 2011
If you have a x36 radio you might try the following:

1. Press the "Channel HOLD" key (white in color)
2. Press & hold the “Function” key on the left side of the radio right above the large MENU key (436HP)
3. Press and long hold the "WX" key (6 key)

Channel HOLD, then F + WX key (long hold) = NOAA

This should scan all the NOAA WX channels around you and find the strongest. Great for direct access to Weather information especially when travelling where the NOAA frequencies are unknown.

Also, you can use the channel selection knob to rotate through the Wx channels.
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