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Apr 19, 2004
Arlington, TX
The Uniden wiki sites (WebHome < UnidenMan4 < TWiki and WebHome < HomePatrol < TWiki) will be down starting at 2pm, Friday June 13, as will our sites used for initiating or checking the status of your repair.

We expect the sites to only be down for a couple of hours, so feel it isn't really worth arranging to move the sites to other IP addresses during the move (it takes several hours for new IP addresses to propagate through the name servers, by which time we should be up back on the original IP addresses, necessitating yet another IP migration).

So, during this time you will likely get a "404" error if you try to access any of these sites.

Also note that our scanner customer support team phone system will be down starting at this same time.

This is all associated with our planned move to a new facility, which will happen over this next weekend. It is possible that the sites will be down longer than planned. If you tried to access one of the sites and came here looking to report the problem, I can assure you that we are already aware of it and working to get everything back up and operational at our new facility.

Thanks for your patience.
Not open for further replies.