Weird Sound on Digital Channels

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Mar 31, 2014
The city and county that I work for are finally going digital. We received new portable radios the other day at work and they are working fine.
My wife likes to listen to us so I bought her a new Uniden BCD996XT.
Our channels are not trunked so I set the system up as "Conventional".
The channels that are analog receive fine. However, when a digital channel is keyed, the scanner opens the channel but instead of hearing what I should, I hear something that is best described as a wobbling static (the signal strength indicator shows excellent). To me, it does not have the sound of a scrambled channel (to my knowledge, none of our frequencies are scrambled). I know that this is not a very good description but that is the best that I can come up with.
Does anyone have any suggestions that might help? Thanks in advance.
One of the digital frequencies is: 156.17250
What I have tried:
1) I have attempted to create new systems (P25, MOT, EDCS, etc) but since these are trunking systems my frequencies don't work with them.
2) I have programmed surrounding department's digital frequencies and get the same results.
3) Changed Audio Type from "All" to "Digital Only" with all sub-options attempted.
4) Changed Modulation from "Auto" and tried all subcategories in the modulation area.

Thanks again,
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