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Dec 8, 2002
Welcome to the Colorado Forums! This is the spot were Coloradoans are encouraged to share information or ask questions specific to Colorado. There is a sub-form inside the main forum named “Colorado Incidents and Breaking News” that is used for discussions regarding Colorado Incidents and Breaking News. Just a reminder, if you do post a news story, please review the etiquette, along with reading through the rules and "DO NOT Repost News Stories Without Attribution!"

The main purpose of this sticky thread is to help organize topics that are frequently visited in the Colorado forum. The search function is a very important tool anyone can use in order to locate information related a topic, however, the idea of making a thread that is a summary of important topics was brought up by a new member and it just makes sense.

The Radioreference.com database is such wonderful resource, and so are the forums, yet, there is a 3rd resource we have at our disposal. We call it the Radioreference.com WIKI! Here is a place where we can store and share related data with everyone. There are thousands of articles in the Wiki, plus there is a section just for Colorado!

Once you’re in the Wiki, review the Welcome section. Here you can learn so much information about radios and how to navigate Radioreference.com.

Start with Scanning 101, this article will answer some of the most common questions asked by newcomers, and show you where to find more information.

Another topic to read up on is Trunked Radio Systems. Trunking use in Colorado is heavy, and if you want to monitor public safety, chances are you will be listening to a trunking radio system to do so.

Newcomers, point your browser to the Colorado Roll Call thread, this is where you can say hi to the group and introduce yourself. This is a great way to make new contacts.

We all understand that scanning is more complex than ever, and getting started can be so frustrating that you want to quit before you even start. The more you read your owner’s manual the better off you will be. With that being said, if you need help, just ask. All of us love to help out, yet do yourself a favor, and give us every bit of information you can about your problem. Let us know your have done your homework and have read up on what your trying to do, but it still does not make any sense.

Example, if you need help programming your scanner, let us know the exact model of scanner you own, if you are using software(the title) or programming by hand, where your located, and what your exact difficulty is. The more information you give to us, the better your answers will be.

****If your traveling through Colorado, check out this wonderful wiki article:****Colorado DTRS site info for Interstate travelers.

Colorado’s Emergency Incident Notification Service: Mountain News Net
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