West Virginia vacation log

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Jan 10, 2004
Richmond, VA
I did a couple days in Eastern WV during spring break, and have a few catches...nothing spectacular. The TRX-1 worked pretty well on SIRN except for what seems to be a big coverage hole roughly from Valley Head up to about Beverly when the 453.175 CC takes over. A few catches, though

462.175 [131.8] used to be security at the Greenbrier, now sounds more like engineering
464.350 [d156] possibly listed as Greenbrier shuttle. Sounds about right
463.5125 DMR CC1/SL2/TG2001. May be new security. Sounds like privacy in use.
451.7875 [CSQ] - listed to Greenbrier Sport Club. Sounded like paging which could be activated with DTMF tones
461.175 [127.3] Greenbrier East HS nr Fairlea. pretty sure
451.350 [127.3] Greenbrier East MS nr Fairlea
462.375 [100.0] poss. Fairlea Elem Sch. (scratchy from Roncoverte)

461.2625 [67.0] Can't nail down the nature, but has wide coverage.
151.715 [123.0] Rotor Blade. (Georgetown, SC) Helicopters with giant sawblades, trimming trees from the air. Staging at Randolph County (EKN) Airport.
161.175 [CSQ] Durbin & Greenbrier Valley RR (sounded like Yard ops)
160.455 [CSQ] Durbin & Greenbrier Valley RR (sounded like Road channel)
467.925 [67.0] unknown on west end of town near Elkins Inn.

Elkins was a very quiet town in terms of radio. Lots of chatter from other localities on SIRN, but very sparse traffic on local VHF hi & low freqs. No traffic on new UHF licenses, other private licenses, or common off-the-shelf walkie-talkie freqs I listen to all the time.

160.800 [CSQ] apparent chatter channel for Durbin & Greenbrier Valley RR. Sounded like a couple of employees on the Durbin end, maybe with some maintenance equipment.

Employess of the FBO at Greenbrier Valley Airport (FBO) were wearing two handhelds. One looked UHF and one looked low band. Nothing heard by me.

Kept running into the P25 trunked system for First Energy. Noted CC's on 151.865, 152.99 and 151.79 on my route. I pick up the CC from Fork Mtn here in Richmond on 153.17. Never heard traffic...only CC's with ID 89A.

Everything else heard was pretty much per the database. Would be curious to check out all the new stuff licensed at Snowshoe. Maybe later.

73/Allen (N4JRI)
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