Westell Modem Startech Ethernet Install

Ubuntu Deskto WiFi/Ethernet Westell Connection

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Nov 14, 2009
Manhattan NY, USA
Westell Modem Startech Ethernet Install

I have Verizon DSL with a Westell Model 327W router, with one Windows XP computer hard wired to the router and a second Windows XP computer connected via wifi with a Belkin USB ADAPTOR.

The Westell has sockets for 4 more computers to be hard wired to it.

I am not very technically knowledgeable, but here is what I need to know and why I am asking.

A relative is giving me an old computer and I have an Ubuntu install disk ready to make that computer into a pure Ubuntu desktop (With no windows partition). I am fairly certain that I can get a USB wifi that will install to connect it to the internet. I even found one youtube "how-to" clip showing a USB WiFi adapter being installed on an Ubuntu machine.

BUT, I found an Ethernet card which claims to offer Linux support. It is by www.startech.com ST100S 10/100 mbps Ethernet PCI.

HERE IS MY BIG QUESTION: IF, I use the startech, and plug a cable from their card and the Ubuntu desktop into the Westell, and CONFIGURE the card for that westell, IS THERE ANY DANGER THAT THE CONFIGURATION WILL CHANGE SOMETHING IN THE WESTELL SETUP that will interrupt my Verizon DSL service? IF there is some danger of that, I will prefer to go with WiFi since I know that WiFi adapter will not change the Westell configuration. BUT, if I know that the startech configuration does not change the Westell, then I am better off with the ethernet connection, since it will be faster than wifi, and the startech board is only $10. Thanks for any advice or tips!
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