Westmoreland County Fire Questions

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Nov 19, 2006
Central PA
I'm originally from Westmoreland Co., and after going over some old notes of mine I'm curious to see what's new. I'm really interested in some who's consolidating with who issues and was wondering if anyone could answer these questions.

1. Is Loyalhanna Twp. (Sta. 48) operating or closed? I thought they closed around 2002 due to financial issues.

2. When East Vandergrift and Vandergrift merged which station did they close, if any?

3. I thought that Hyde Park and West Leechburg were trying to merge around 2005. Is that true? If so, what station do they operate from?

4. When did Braeburn and Braeview merge and what station did they operate from? Is there a closing date for Sta. 108 now that Lower Burrell is going to shut them down? Is the equipment city owned or property of the deparment and what will be its fate?

5. When Latrobe #3 and #4 merged, which station did they keep and roughly where is the closed station located?

If you know any of these answers please let me know. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.