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Feb 20, 2005
:confused: i'm trying too understand something here and i'm not clear on this matter 53744 i understand thats a talk group what does d1f mean and what does 6-a mean ?53744 d1f A MWC PD DispMidwest City Police -- Dispatch (6-A) Law Dispatch


Jul 25, 2004
From this system (Oklahoma Wireless Interoperability Network (OKWIN) Motorola Trunking System, Various, Oklahoma - Scanner Frequencies) the line in question:

DEC | HEX | Mode | Alpha Tag | Description | Tag
53744 | d1f | A | MWC PD Disp | Midwest City Police -- Dispatch (6-A) | Law Dispatch

Translates to this detail:
53744 - The talkgroup in decimal notation (some scanners use decimal)
d1f - The talkgroup in hex notation (some scanners use hex)
***** Note: Pick the one your scanner needs (decimal or hex notation) and ignore the other. Both are listed so folks don't have to complain that they only list the codes for the other brand of scanner.
A - The talkgroup is in Analog mode.
***** Note: D would indicate the talkgroup is digital. E would indicate it's encrypted (and can't be scanned)
MWC PD Disp - A short form of the talkgroup's name that probably fits in your scanner's text field.
Midwest City Police -- Dispatch (6-A) - A longer description to help you know what the talkgroup is.
Law Dispatch - A Radio Reference Database description for what kind of traffic is on the talkgroup

Please note that there's nothing really special about any of these fields except the talkgroup #. The other fields are simply descriptive to help you more easily know what that talkgroup is and what you might expect to find on it. You can put any text there you want (e.g. if you don't like your scanner to say "MWC PD Disp" when that talkgroup comes up, you can make it say "My city's dispatch" if you wish and that will fit in your scanner's display).

I believe that the "code" in parens in the description is related to how the system's radios are programmed. e.g. (6-A) probably indicates that they're in zone 6 as channel A. While this doesn't really matter to how you program your scanner, you may hear them say "Go to channel D" or something similar and you might be able to more easily follow them there.
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