What to listen to in Australia

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Jan 20, 2005
sydney australia
satellites in australia c/ku bands

hi everyone, yous should try optus d1 at 160east optus b1 has now gone .im told its going to 164east to replace the old aussat a3 from the 80s. b1 and b3 were put up in the 90s b1 has left 160east a few weeks ago optus d1 is its replacement. there is an optus c1 which half of it is used for the aus defence force. optus c1 located at 156 east and b3 was located at 156 east but it was moved to 152east 2 years ago orso,.theres alot of satellites out there with the entire panamsat fleet bought out last year by intelsat usa .who knows what the future brings theres quite abit of free cband and ku band trafffic ,im using a 4.1 metre mesh here cband, plus 3 dishes and a hh motorised ku 90cm dish by motek .hope this helps satob1 nsw australia .
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